Thursday, 5 November 2015

Starting T.Y

Heya Guys!
So I'm finally in T.Y! After a long year of preparing i finally get a year of fun and to learn different things i wouldn't of learnt in 5th year.

 We came back to school on Monday the 31st of August and within two weeks we had already gone on our first trip which was our retreat... even though it was only a 2 minute drive from the school it was a day off from school and surprising it was actually really good. At the Retreat we did lots of games and meditation, it was different from the other retreats and i actually enjoyed it. We did this activity where we had to pick up a card on the floor and on the back of it would be a word that's "supposed" to describe yourself... i got confidence... which i personally don't think i have haha, but overall the retreat was good and made me look forward to year of fun, learning, making new friends and gaining confidence in myself.