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Song of the Sea (2014) PosterIn September we went to Kilkenny to go sea "song of the sea" in the IMC Cinema and we went to the expedition at Kilkenny castle after. We were supposed to get the bus at 8:30 but one of the girls from the other class, Laura, was late so we had to wait for her, so we ended up leaving the school at 8:50, on the bus I listened to music and talked to my friends. We arrived in Kilkenny at 10:20am and our teacher was having a mini panic attack because we only had 10 minutes to walk from outside killkenny castle where our bus was parked, to IMC Cinema. We ended up basically running from the castle to cinema, it was if our teacher was a duck and we were all her ducklings running after her across all these busy roads, passing restaurants, shops and bars with people starring at us with confusion.

After 20 minutes of running behind our teacher we got to the cinema!... 10 minutes late ahahaha, but it was okay because it was a private screening just for all the TY's in our school so we still had time to buy popcorn and sweets.

The movie is about Ben who is a young Irish boy, and his little sister Saoirse who is a girl who can turn into a seal,  that go on an adventure to free the fairies and save the spirit world. It was directed by Tomm Moore and includes many famous Irish actors including David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson, pat short and Fionnula Flanagan. I thought the film was very good and was different to other animations I have seen, it was very Irish and showed the culture of the Irish very well.

After we saw the film we walked to kilkenny castle and the group was split into 2 so while one group was looking at the expedition the other group got to walk around the grounds of Kilkenny castle and have their lunch. My group got to have their lunch first and walk around the grounds, but we all saw this playground and started running towards it not seeing the no over 12's sign. We all started swinging on the swings and having a laugh when suddenly we heard a man yelling at people from our class telling them to get out! we all started walking out and he gave us a massive lecture on how we should of known better! we walked out of playground and found some benches and Tara Sarah and I all sat down and started eating our lunch.Displaying IMG_1850.JPGDisplaying IMG_1850.JPGDisplaying IMG_1850.JPG

After our lunch we walked up to the castle and waited until our group was called, we were finally called and went inside to the expedition. We were showed how they make the animations and given loads of facts about the film, we got to draw some of the character's as well.
We then got the bus home, it was a really good day out!
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