Thursday, 26 November 2015


So we went to CARLINGFORD!! We left at 8am, We all got on a bus and Ms. O' Callaghan took the roll. Tara and I listened to music most of the way there but as we got closer to Carlingford we took out our earphones and starred out the window, We kept asking Ms if we were there yet? and she kept telling us to be patient but we couldn't contain our excitement!!!

When we got there one of our leaders was standing outside our bus and she lead us to the centre. They brought us into the Rec room and told us to sit down while they organised today's activities for us. They split us into two groups, groups A and group B, I was put in group B. Group B's first activities of the day was canoeing, we took our swimming togs out and our towels and started walking down to the pier.

When we got to the pier we got a new leader called John who was very strict and told us to hurry up and get changed a lot! he then told us to get life jackets and helmets and grab one end of a canoe. we lifted the four big canoes into the water and started canoeing but at first we started going backwards! so we started saying 1,2,3,4 so we could all keep together and go straight. Our canoe got to the bank first and we all had to get off the canoe and onto the bank. Once all 30 of us were on the bank John pushed one of the girls in my class called Ciara off the bank into the freezing water and said "Dolores what are you doing?!" she started screaming with the shock of the cold water and she lost her shoe in the water and ended up walking back to the centre with no shoe hahaha. We all eventually jumped into the water and messed around and then we canoed back to where the changing rooms were.

When we got back to the centre we had our lunch which was actually really nice. Then we were told to go outside and wait for our leader called Roisin so we could do lazer tag, we each got an army suit and a gun. As we left it started to rain and we had to go up this MASSIVE hill...after like a half hour we got to the forest, we were already knackered. He brought us into this sheltered area to explain how to use the guns and how the game works. But then another leader saw us and asked of we wanted to team up with the boys? we all just shout "YEAH!".  We teamed up with the boys who were from Leitrim and we got split into two groups the red and blue team. We kept slagging the lads asking if they even have shops or toilets because they're from the middle of nowhere ahah. Lazer tag was so much fun even though we lost 3-1.

When we got back to our room we all had showers and dinner, dinner wasn't that nice. We were all told to go outside and wait for our leaders, we then walked up the MASSIVE hill again for the SECOND time in one day! When we reached the forest Roisin told us this story while another leader set up the nightline. Nightline is where u put on a bandanna so you cant see and hold onto a rope around a forest not knowing whats in front of you. Nightline was good but the best bit of the night was walking back to the centre, we went a weird way and walked through fields and fields and fields singing songs for
about an hour or two hahaha. We ended up at a castle where you  could see all of Carlingford.

When we got back to the centre our teachers let us go to the Chinese, chipper and sweet shop. Tara and I bought chicken nuggets and chips and Ice cream from the sweet shop. We all ended up trying to sleep around 1am but Sarah kept us all awake because she kept turning on the torch on her phone and talking and we had to keep telling her to shut up! we were woken up at 6am to the sound of two boys screaming "DANIEL!" "NATHAN!" and we were all pretty pissed off. At 7:30 there was announcement's into every room explaining to every school in the centre what they would be doing today. After the announcements they played music like the bear necessities and Ed Sheeran to keep us away and it got very annoying. We stripped the beds, got dressed and went down for breakfast.

Our leader told us we would be doing challenge island before we left, we started walking to a different forest and when we got there they told us that for every challenge we completed fully we got 5 gems and the group with the most gems wins. We had to go into a  pitch black maze, bring wood across to make a bridge, make a ball not fall off a board and walk on tyres, our team came third.

We then walked back to the centre and had lunch and waited for our bus to come, while we were waiting for our bus, lads from America arrived in the centre and we started playing volleyball with them but then they had to go and play lazer tag but we were all laughing at them because they were all wearing good clothes like Adidas, Nike and Hollister and it was raining and we knew how mucky the forest was hahaha. Our leader then called us back out to the volleyball court and we had to agree on what we would rate the centre, our bus arrived and we all got on the bus absolutely wrecked, but the trip was amazing!

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